10,000 8-bit Pug NFTs

lounging on the Internet Computer

🚀 Roadmap 🚀

Q4 2021


ICPugs collection design

Digital artwork creation

Website & marketing

Q1 2022


Community building

Partnerships with IC communities

ICPugs NFT sale launch

Q2 2022


Airdrops & collaborations

PugChat development

Q3 2022


PugChat development & sneakpeeks

ICPugs P2E game concept

Q4 2022


PugChat community beta

ICPugs game development

And more to come...

What is PugChat?

Our vision for PugChat is a 2D interactive fantasy environment where users can chat, hangout and participate in activities as gorgeous puggos. Within PugChat, users can interact with curated experiences designed by the ICPugs team, as well as those created in collaboration with future partners as we scale. These experiences will complement each other to build an ecosystem where users can enjoy with their friends, or cooperate in activities to earn tradeable rewards, and participate in its economy. Ownership of ICPugs NFTs, will grant their owners special economic privileges within this virtual economy, such as operating virtual storefronts, and gaining better access to items, wearables and materials that bring utility within this fantasy ecosystem.

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